Friday, July 07, 2006

wow !! what an art.

This is an art object of Red Indians . The picture has been taken in Santa Fe , New Mexico . While Taking this picture I was trying to figure out what it can be ? but I got no clues about this art . There I saw nothing in this art but people were taking picture of it and watching it. I asked somebody "what is this thing indeed ??" He answered me ,"I have no idea." and took his way. Still I was thinking abt it if I can find there what exactly is it ? One stranger came to near me and asked , "what is it?" I wanted to laugh at him but I didnot, instead I answered him , "It's an art. " He shouted , "Wow!! what an art????" and warmed his way up. I couldnot stop laughing at him thinking that what he saw on it at a glance and told wow!! what an art .

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