Monday, February 26, 2007

Haikus of this week .

No peace is there
In this world
Instead in your mind.

A butterfly and a flower
Kissing eachother and avoiding
The world including you and me.

Far in bright horizion
The ship not appeared yet
My world already got dark.

This entrie was selected to closest 20 entries on Sunday, February 25 , 2007 .

Do not worry dear
Baby sun will rise soon
Making your day.

I stayed for hours
On your lap
No feelings bloomed in my mind.

Standing on the beach
I saw S cube mathematically
And proved the sea , sun and sky.


Oh ! high mountain
Take a look at me
I will show how proudy are you .


If love is nature
Why I can't see
Myself in your eyes.

In the heat of midday
The lonley riverbank
Seeks the shadows of cloud.

Those haikus has been written this week in course of taking part in Haiku Contest in the

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