Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Generation of Men

........."I can see we are going to be good friends."

"I like your 'giong to be.' You said just now
It's going to rain."

"I know, and it was raining.

I let you say all that . But I must go now."

"You let me say it ? on consideration ?
How shall we say good-bye in such a case?"

"How shall we ?"

"will you leave the way to me?"

"No , I don't trust your eyes. You've said enough.
Now give me your hand up. __ Pick me that flower."

"Where shall we meet again?"

"Nowhere but here

Once more before we meet elsewhere."

"In rain?"

" It ought to be in rain . Sometime in rain.
In rain to-morrow , shall we , if it rains?
But if we must , in sunshine ." So she went.

This poem has been taken from Robert Frost's North of Boston. Titled The Generation of Men , and is only later part of a long form . This poem , I would like to dedicate to my only best friend who doesn't want to mention her name in here.

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