Monday, November 06, 2006

A short write up about "Ek Anjuli Maya" by

Ek Anjuli Maya
An album 'Ek Anjuli Maya' was formally released a month back by Dhaulagiri Cassette Centre but the album has not hit the music stores yet. According to Ganesh Gauli, the producer of this album, 'Ek Anjuli Maya' will be available in the market within this week.
The entire songs in the album has been composed by Tika Bhandari and written by Deepak Jadit who is currently living in the United States.
The highlight of the album are singers like Ruby Joshi, Deep Shrestha, Rabin Sharma, Pradeep Raj Pandey, Kunti Moktan, Ram Krishna Dhakal, Yam Baral, Karna Das, Ananda Karki and Samal Jagdis. As of now, one of the music videos "Kushi Ta Kaha Jitna" from the album has already been premiered. The track is sung by Deep Shrestha.
Ganesh shares, "The songs in the album have a flavor of semi-classical and sentimental patterns. The numbers in the album may not be very popular at the moment but in the years to come they are going to do wonders." An amount of three Lakhs has been invested in the making of this album.

This short write up has been written by and now we can request and listen some of the songs of Ek Anjuli Maya online at Radio Jhatka , live from Nepal .

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