Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Haikus of this week .

Tuesday , Feb 27th , 2007

Of course today we are
Having more fresher
Kisses then ever before.
( there was a butterfly and a flower in the picture I forgot to save. )

Wednesday , Feb 28th , 2007

Did we noticed the time ?
When it ran out and
We get old beautifully .
( A snow-covered tree was in picture. )

Thursday , March 1st , 2007

Some restless clouds
Above the hills
The dream of highland lass.
( A clear day , hills and some clouds were in the picture. )

Friday , March 2nd , 2007

Who made a mess of the paintings
With the words and you messed
The word with paintings .
( forgot what was in the picture but that time there was mistake in publishing pictures with written haikus at poetry.com . )

Saturday , March 3rd , 2007

What comes out in crearure
Through the nature is
Love and only love .
( two ducks in the edge of lake were in picture. )

Sunday , March 4th , 2007

And I saw myself
Inner and inner
Into you deeper .
( perhaps there was a clear lake view in the picture but I'm not sure.)

Monday , March 5th , 2007

A wild hut in front of a lake
Middle in the jungle
Is kool but not heaven , baby .
( surely a lake in the jungle and a small hut was in the picture. )

Tuesday , March 6th , 2007

A beautiful day presents
A beautiful butterfly and
Some beautiful flowers to us .
( Some flowers and a butterfly was in picture.)

I will not forget to save the inspirational photos in the further days , I promise.

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